Why Ting won’t Test on Animals

Ting will not sell you products that are tested on animals. In this blog, we explain why.

The use of animal testing has always been a controversial matter. On the one hand, there are those who believe it is necessary in order to find cures and vaccines for diseases. On the other, there are people who believe animals should be treated equally to people to the extent that they should not be used for testing things that will only benefit humans.

It’s a tough debate and is rooted in some very different views about the world and our place in it.

Why we reject animal testing for our products

Of course, we at Ting are not trying to find cures for diseases. And whatever the merits of the arguments for or against testing medical innovations on animals, beauty products are not so important that we feel it is necessary to do likewise.

It might seem odd for a company selling cosmetics to downplay the importance of its goods, but we believe there is a bigger picture; looking good matters, but the cost of that should not be too high for anyone.

Our company philosophy reflects that in many ways, including how we treat our producers with fair prices to the protection of the wider environment. In that context, it is clear to us where we should draw the line when it comes to the impact on the creatures we share the planet with.

In addition, it’s not just an ethical question. There are other considerations too:

  • Some tests on animals might produce a different result in one species from another, so they are not foolproof. That’s why, for example, new medicines still require human trials before they can be declared safe.

  • The cosmetics industry as a whole has increasingly moved away from animal testing

  • While Britain has left the EU, it is worth noting that while it was a member the EU banned testing in the bloc

  • There are other ways of testing many products that do not require trials on living creatures, either animals or human

  • Many of the ingredients we use have been around for a long time and we know they are safe for use in cosmetics

All this makes it a no-brainer to reject cosmetics tested on animals.

A tried-and-tested alternative

For us, this means the best way forward is to focus on using tried-and-trusted ingredients. After all, people have been using beauty products for thousands of years and never had to test them on animals.

Moreover, by their very nature more traditional ingredients, such as plant extracts, are organic. That makes them better for the environment than synthetic chemicals that often won’t break down easily in the environment.

Taking customers into account

Finally, there is you, our customers. We know that increasingly consumers are aware of the impact of the goods and services they buy and want to use products that are better for the world and everything living on it.

This is great to know, because it means we can meet the ethically-informed demands of our customers using traditional ingredients and methods of production.

Quite simply, it’s a win-win for all of us. For you, for us, and, of course, our furry friends.

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