Why Paying A Fair Price Matters To Ting

Ting is committed to paying overseas producers a fair price for their labour and produce. In this blog we explain why.

At Ting, our commitment to making products by hand using organic and ethically sourced ingredients is at the heart of everything we do.

Indeed, we know this is what our customers will want, which means it should be win-win for everyone.

However, it’s not just all about us and you. There’s also the question of our suppliers on the occasions when we do need to import any ingredients from overseas, especially from the developing world.

The importance of fair trade

Trading fairly is a central part of our philosophy, which ties into a movement that began in the 1940s and has increased in strength ever since. The first Fair Trade label was created in the Netherlands in 1988.

As the world has become more connected and we come to be increasingly familiar with what life is like for those living in the developing world, so awareness has increased of the economic consequences of paying only the market value and not a fair price. Cheap goods for westerners can mean unrelenting poverty for hard-working producers in the poorest countries in the world.

The Fairtrade movement has set out to address this directly. While the cost of some items increased, fair trade goods – many of which carried the specific kitemark - paid producers more. Ethically-minded consumers were happy to pay a bit more knowing this was what would allow producers to put shoes on their feet and send their children to school.

How fair trade has become the norm

In some industries this has become mainstream. For example, the rise of fair trade chocolate bar producers in the UK in the 1990s put pressure on the big retailers and producers. Nowadays Co-op, Waitrose, Starbucks, Lidl and Greggs are among the retailers who offer products with Fairtrade cocoa.

This has particular benefits for countries such as Ghana, globally recognised as the producer of the best cocoa in the world, which consequently attracts a premium on the world market.

Just as this has applied to chocolate, so it has to other goods, including clothes and beauty products.

Whether formally accredited using the fair trade logo or not, the principle is simple; we will pay the producers a figure that will ensure the workers who provide the ingredients will get a wage that sustains them properly, improves their standard of living and means they can enjoy a more secure future.

This has meant wealthy providers and consumers having to pay a bit more, but we firmly believe this is right and just. It also empowers consumers to make the world a better place in a direct way, knowing the products they buy and use are helping to give people they may never meet a better life than the one they have known.

What it means to us

To us, it is all part of an holistic philosophy. Just as we want to protect the environment by not using damaging chemicals, as well as improving animal welfare by not testing products on creatures in labs, so we want the people we share the planet with to benefit from the work they do as well.

So, when you buy from us, you can be sure we pay suppliers a far price, because to do so is to be true to our core philosophy of sustainability and care for the world.

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