Why Hand-made Products Bring Beauty Without Costing The Earth

Ever thought your beauty products may be harming the planet or people? At Ting, we make sure they don’t.

Every lady likes to look her best, but for many, there is a problem; could the beauty products they use have be doing harm?

It’s a question people are increasingly familiar with when it comes to all kinds of products; whether it is the price paid to farmers in the developing world for food ingredients, clothing factory conditions overseas, the environmental cost of producing things like palm oil or the testing of substances on animals, there is a log list of concerns many people have.

What our mission is about

At Ting, we set out from the beginning with the mission statement to produce products that make you beautiful without costing too much to anyone else. This includes:

  • All our products are made by hand by our staff in the UK

  • We pay a fair price for any ingredients we source from overseas

  • Everything is organic

  • We are committed to sustainability

  • We do not add any environmentally harmful chemicals to our products

  • None of our products are tested on animals

We believe this commitment is not just about giving our customers what they want, but about doing business the right way, setting a good example for the industry and making the statement that we do not believe harming people, animals or the planet is a price worth paying for beauty.

All this means that when you use our products, you can do so knowing you aren’t just going to look better; you are going to be joining with us in our mission to make the world a better place.

Working ethically

Just as importantly, we believe hand-made products using natural, organic materials are also better for you. By ensuring you are not putting any harmful chemicals on your skin, your longer-term health is better served by our products.

Our commitment to sustainability starts and ends with what we do with our hands. The same hands that make the products we have to offer are also used carefully to ensure we fit energy-saving light bulbs, recycle everything we can and support others in their efforts to be green and ethical.

How Ting came about

We didn’t get here by accident. We’ve all seen the pictures of plastic in the oceans and burning rainforests. We’ve read about the struggles people have to even get the basics in life in much of the world. So when we set up Ting, we knew there was only one right way to go with.

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