Ting’s Organic Commitment

Every producer likes to tell the world they are green. But for us, it really is at the heart of what we do.

Ever since the 1980s when scientists revealed the world was heating up and there was a big hole in the ozone layer, people have been getting increasingly environmentally conscious. What was once considered to be the preserve of a few stereotypical cranks in beards and sandals is now mainstream.

Of course, declaring that the environment matters and truly doing something about it can be very different things. Many companies indulge in ‘greenwashing’ - projecting an image of being environmentally friendly while continuing to fail the planet in a range of ways.

We could never live with ourselves if we did such a thing. From the very start, we have set out to produce goods in the greenest way possible. We look to do this in three ways.

  • We won’t use synthetic substances that take a long time to break down in the environment

  • We believe in the value of organic materials

  • Hand-crafting means we are not using up any extra heat sources, keeping our carbon emissions down

  • All the packaging we use can be recycled

Why we choose organic and not synthetic

Using organic ingredients is particularly important to us for several reasons:

  • They are natural and biodegradable

  • They are known quantities and therefore there is no question of testing them on animals

  • Many of them have been used for thousands of years and their ongoing inclusion helps maintain time-honoured traditions

We certainly wouldn’t claim to be the first beauty products supplier to focus on organic ingredients; Body Shop funder Anita Roddick was ahead of her time in doing that - but we are fully committed to the example of people like her who showed just how our industry should operate now. Not everyone does, but we will.

As for synthetic chemicals, we reject their use because we just don’t know how much damage they might do. The fact that such compounds are harder to break down in the natural world is a clear concern.

We see this issue most clearly with plastic, as the bodies of creatures washed up on shorelines with stomachs full of it testify. But while many other chemicals are not so visually obvious, they are still potentially damaging and, eventually, we can be sure it will get into the food chain.

Organic is what you want

Finally, we know that all over the world, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment and how their choices have an impact.

By providing organic products that do not harm the environment, we are giving you the opportunity to buy with a clear conscience and look great without it costing the Earth.

After all, just as you like to look good, you want the beauty of the planet to remain. It will be here long after any of us, so it’s important that we all work together to preserve it for generations to come.

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