Hand-crafting: Why tradition matters

Our hand-crafting work to produce beauty products is not just a greener way to do things; it’s because we believe traditions should be preserved.

At Ting, we have a strong commitment to preserving things that should be preserved in all we do, which we hope is evident in everything you see, hear and buy when you deal with us.

Much of this is about looking after the environment, of course, which is why we use organic ingredients and not harmful or potentially harmful synthethic materials. It’s why we use paper and cardboard packaging instead of plastic. It’s why we don’t test on animals.

Our use of traditional hand-crafting methods of production fits perfectly alongside this, for a simple reason: In each and every case it is about using something that has been tried and trusted for generations, so we don’t need to use a ‘modern’ approach that turns out not to be better.

Just as people in the past managed perfectly well without synthetic chemicals, plastic packaging or testing beauty products on animals, so our industry thrived on the use of hand-crafted products. After all, the documented use of soap goes back 5,000 years and may well predate that.

What is more, this is a great tradition, which we want to preserve and pass on to future generations.

Too many great craft traditions are lost to mechanisation unnecessarily. It’s true that to mass-produce some products the use of machines is necessary, but this is not always required.

Take soap, for example. It is not hard to find information out there on how to make it by hand, and many people will want to have a go at it. This shows that it both appeals to the desire of people to be creative, and also that it is not the hardest thing in the world to do.

Of course, to make it at the highest level of quality does require exceptional skill - in much the way that anyone can make a cake but the finest ones will usually be found in a local bakery or cake store where the professionals have taken the art to a high level.

However, there is often an extra element of difference when it comes to soap. The ingredients that go into industrially-produced soap are often synthetic and not quite the real deal. They are not quite as kind to your skin as they should be - or the environment.

We don’t want it to be like that. At Ting we want products that are kind to both humans and the planet, which is something we can control through the hand-made process, in which we use only those ingredients that will fit our strict criteria. The same goes for our other products.

There is something deeply soothing about making things by hand, but there is also a wider benefit. The world is not all about machines, it is about craft, creativity and tradition, all things we don’t want to lose.

Ultimately, we also believe our hand-made products have a rustic beauty all of their own, making them more enjoyable to use. When you try them, we believed you’ll see what we mean - and will prefer them to bland items that have rolled off a factory production line.

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