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Our Story

When our founder Ting Wang decided to create her own online beauty store in 2017, she wanted it to be different.

The world is full of e-Commerce firms selling everything under the sun, but it’s also full of firms that take shortcuts, fail to look after the environment, neglect the very people who help them flourish from their staff to their overseas suppliers, and regard tradition as something to ignore.

She wanted to show that even in the modern world where goods and services can be bought online, respect for tradition, custom and nature can be maintained.

Maintaining the hand-made tradition

So it is that a decision was made: We would make our products by hand in the traditional manner. The ingredients would be organic, as they have been in time-honoured traditions dating back thousands of years.

The name Ting means ‘sustaining’ in Chinese, making it the perfect name for a firm with such a string commitment to sustainability.

Respect for the earth we walk upon

This would be only half of our philosophy, though. We would also respect nature and people by paying a fair price to producers from across the globe for their ingredients. We would refuse to use environmentally damaging synthetic substances or plastic packaging, and we would definitely not use anything tested on animals.

This is what we live and breathe

These are the principles that guide Ting today. It is the philosophy that says beauty is not just about applying something to your body to make it feel or look nicer; it is about keeping the world beautiful and ensuring we are beautiful in our attitudes to the people and creatures we share it with.  

So when you buy products from Ting, it’s not just your own beauty you are enhancing.